Cannonball Path Phase 6

Last Updated: 11/20/2017

This project is a shared-use (bicycle and pedestrian) path that extends the existing Cannonball Path at Fish Hatchery Road to the Wingra Creek Path.  
It includes over a half-mile of new asphalt path and a bridge over Wingra Creek. It generally follows the WSOR (formerly Union Pacific Railroad) corridor heading Northeast and turns North to follow along the driveway for Bowman Park and Wright Middle School. 
This is the final piece of the overall 4+ mile Cannonball Path linking areas of Fitchburg and Arbor Hills neighborhood with downtown Madison. The overall Cannonball Path project is a joint effort between Madison and Fitchburg, with land acquisition partially funded by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Madison is the lead agency for the project from the west line of the Arbor Hills neighborhood to its northern terminus.
The Cannonball Path connects neighborhoods with parks, schools, major conservancy areas as well as retail, commercial and employment centers. It also connects to the Capital City Trail, Southwest Path, Military Ridge Trail and Badger State Trail, making it a key component of the regional network of paths for recreation as well as transportation.
The construction contract includes substantial length of sanitary sewer, not directly related to the path but intended to increase reliability for this portion of the City.

Total length of path is 3500 feet from the north end of the Cannonball Path Phase 5 connection at Fish Hatchery Road to the Wingra Creek Path. This project includes installing a new bridge west of the existing pedestrian bridge over Wingra Creek near South Street. The existing bridge will remain to provide a pedestrian connection opposite South Street while the new bridge will be wider and improved for bicycle and pedestrian traffic using the Cannonball Path.

Project construction is currently scheduled for 2020.

Preliminary cost estimate for construction is approximately $1 Million