Bryan St, Daley Dr, James St, Thorp St Reconstruction

Last Updated: 11/08/2018

UPDATE - Streambank Repair to be completed with street construction project in 2019: Please see details below.

Project Details
The project includes public utility replacement including sanitary sewer main, force main, and laterals; water main and services; and storm sewer. All of the curb and gutter and drive aprons will be replaced and new asphalt pavement will be constructed. There will be spot repairs of the sidewalk.

City Traffic Engineering is proposing to reconfigure the intersection of Daley Drive/S. Bryan Street/Fair Oaks Avenue. Updated plans are posted here: Preliminary Plans

In addition, a survey sent to Bryan Street residents has resulted in the addition of 3 speed humps to Bryan Street.

The sanitary lift station on James Street, next to the creek, will be replaced during this project. The sanitary sewer pumping station was built in 1959, and as replacement parts are no longer available, the lift station needs to be replaced so that we are able to continue to maintain it.

The eastern (a correction from the fact sheet) bank of Starkweather Creek will be restored as part of this project. The steel bulkhead that holds the bank in place is failing and the streambank needs to be stabilized.  The City will be removing the bulkhead and using rock riprap to stabilize the streambank. The existing canoe launch between James Street and Thorp Street will be removed and a new launch will be built on the James Street street end to be more accessible to all neighbors. The James Street location was chosen based on feedback from neighbors. Due to the large equipment needed to pull the bulkhead and place the riprap, there will be considerable tree loss in City-owned land adjacent to the creek. The area will be replanted with native, wetland vegetation. Following the project, the City will review the restored streambank for opportunities to replant native, floodplain tree species. For more information, please view the presentation from the November 7, 2018 public meeting (below).

Construction Delay
City Engineering had planned to begin the street reconstruction project in June 2018. A separate follow-up project was also planned to replace the sanitary sewer pumping station on James Street (next to the creek) in 2019. , and to construct the entire project in 2019. This will avoid disturbing the west end of James Street twice, and it may eliminate the need for some existing sanitary sewer that runs through wooded areas along the creek that are difficult to access. The reconstruction project and associated assessments were approved by the Common Council at the meeting on March 20th, 2018, but the project will now be bid in February 2019, and begin construction in Spring 2019.  With the added work, the construction duration is now estimated to be about 5 months.

Project Limits
S. Bryan Street - S Fair Oaks Ave to Milwaukee St
Daley Drive - West end to Bryan St
James Street - West end to S Fair Oaks Ave
Thorp Street - West end to S Fair Oaks Ave
Starkweather Creek Streambank Repair-Daley Drive to Thorp Street

Public Information Meeting
A Public Information Meeting was held on Thursday February 15th, 2018. A copy of the presentation can be found here:
Street Reconstruction Public Meeting Presentation

An additional Public Information Meeting was held on Wednesday, November 8th, 2018. A copy of the presentation can be found here:
Starkweather Creek Streambank Repair and Street Reconstruction Review Presentation