Blackhawk Ave, N.-Bruce Ct-Heather Crest Resurfacing

Last Updated: 11/09/2018

Construction Update

Crews plan to start work on Bruce Ct on November 12.  They intend to install the sanitary sewer and  temporary asphalt or concrete pavement. 

Work would then proceed to Heather Crest.  Only sanitary sewer and temporary asphalt or concrete pavement is planned for 2018.

Work would then suspend for the winter.




This project will involve the resurfacing of North Blackhawk Avenue, Bruce Court, and Heather Crest and includes spot repairs of curb and gutter, drive aprons, and sidewalk. Utilities will also be replaced as part of the project, including sanitary sewer main and laterals, water main and services, and storm sewer. Water main will only be replaced on N Blackhawk Avenue between Stevens Street and University Avenue.
Project Limits
N Blackhawk Ave: University Ave to Bluff St
Bruce Court: Lucia Crest to North End
Heather Crest: N Meadow Ln to N Owen Dr

Project Schedule
Work on Bruce Court and Heather Crest is expected to begin in October 2018 and be completed in 2018.
Work on N Blackhawk Avenue will begin in Spring of 2019.
More details regarding the schedule will be provided once available and notification will be provided to residents adjacent to construction in advance of work commencing.

Public Information Meeting

A Public Information Meeting was held on Thursday, January 18th at the Capital City Church (401 N Blackhawk Ave). A PDF of the presentation and handout can be found here:
Fact Sheet