300 Block W. Wilson

Last Updated: 07/13/2020

Latest Update:

The City is planning to move forward with additional public input and the final design of this project later this summer and into the fall.  The Wilson St. Corridor Study report will be discussed and the Transportation Policy and Planning Board on the evening of 7/15.  Other updates on the anticipated project and public meeting schedule are included below.

Project Overview

The City plans to reconstruction and replace utilities on portions of W. Wilson St. and S. Broom St. in 2021.

A test of a possible new lane configuration on Broom was completed in the summer of 2019, which involved having one northbound thru lane on Broom at Wilson St. and one right-turn only lane for vehicles to turn right on to eastbound Wilson St.

When the Common Council approved the recent reconstruction project on W. Wilson St., they also required that a more comprehensive study of Wilson St. be done prior to the completion of the Judge Doyle Square project. Now that another project is scheduled on Wilson St., this corridor study will help guide the design of this project.  The corridor study is currently ongoing, and an additional public meeting will be scheduled for later in 2020.

Project Limits

W. Wilson St. between S. Broom St. & S. Henry St.

S. Broom St. between John Nolen Dr. and W. Doty St.

Project Schedule

Construction on this project is now planned for the spring of 2021, at the earliest.

Public Involvement 

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates and times are indicated below.  This project is also being coordinated with the ongoing corridor study along Wilson St.  The anticipated dates of those meetings are also included below.  Please refer back to this website for any updates on the meeting schedule.

Public Information Meeting 

Another Public Informational Meeting will be held on this project in mid-August.  This meeting will be held virtually, and once a date and time is confirmed, the information will be provided here.

A Public Information Meeting was held May 20, 2019.  
Public Meeting Presentation
Preliminary Project Plans

City Meetings 

Corridor Study:
Transportation Policy & Planning Board - 7/15/2020
Board of Public Works - 7/22/2020
Transportation Policy & Planning Board - 8/3/2020
Common Council - 9/1/2020

Anticipated City Meeting Dates for the Reconstruction Project are as follows.  Note that the dates of these meetings may change depending on the input received from the community and committees.

Approval of Street Geometrics:
Transportation Commission - 8/26/2020 & 9/16/2020
Board of Public Works - 9/16/2020
Common Council - 10/6/2020

Final Project Approval and Public Hearings on Assessments:
Board of Public Works - 10/21/2020
Common Council - 11/17/2021

Summary of past City Meetings on this project:
A public hearing was held before the Board of Public Works (BPW) on May 22, 2019. The BPW referred this project to the Transportation Commission, and the project will then be at the BPW again before the public hearing at the Common Council. Dates, times and locations for each of these meetings are noted below.

June 11, the Common Council referred the interim recommendations of the Wilson St. corridor study to the Transportation Policy & Planning Board (TPPB), and, June 12, the Transportation Commission referred the plan for the W. Wilson St. and Broom St. reconstruction project, to the July 10 meeting. Below is an updated schedule for the public meetings on items related to this project. Please note that each of these meeting dates and times are subject to change, so please refer back to the website prior to each of these meetings to confirm the date/time/location.

  • Transportation Policy & Planning Board: At the TPPB July 1, 2019, the Board did not approve the report of the interim recommendations for W. Wilson St., and instead recommended that the entire corridor study on Wilson St. be completed before making a recommendation on the street configuration for any blocks of Wilson St.
  • Transportation Commission: 5 p.m., July 10, 2019, Room 215, Madison Municipal Building, 215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.  Based on the recommendations from the TPPB, it is expected that the Transportation Commission will refer a decision on this project to a later date. 
  • Board of Public Works: 4:30 p.m., July 17, 2019, at 1600 Emil Street; discussion of the overall plans & specifications for the Wilson St. & Broom St. reconstruction project.
  • Common Council: 6:30 p.m., August 6, 2019 in Room 201, City-County Building, 210 MLK Jr. Blvd.; discussion of the overall project along with the public hearing regarding the assessments.  The project was ultimately delayed until the corridor study can be completed.

The Transportation Department is conducting a Wilson Street Corridor Study to help guide the scope of this construction project.