A contractor is the individual, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, corporation or agency undertaking the execution of the work under the terms of the contract and acting directly or through a duly authorized representative. 

Best Value Contracting

If you're working with the City, or plan to, learn about Best Value Contracting and why it's important.

Bid Results

See who the City will hire for upcoming work after the bidding process wraps up and moves toward design and construction.

Forms and Resources

We put together a compilation of forms and resources all contractors and developers can use to help make the process of working with the City easier. Also, don't miss the semi-annual contractors meeting to connect with City staff, ask questions and learn about the latest from the City.

How to Get Prequalified

This process is necessary for any contractor who wants to do any work with the City for Public Works construction.

How to Bid Public Works Contracts

Learn how to bid Public Works contracts, the process and documentation all needed to win a bid for your next project.

Prequalified Contractors List

Prequalification is necessary if you want to work with the City on any City project. Learn about the three categories of prequalified contractors and how to get on the list.