APMs & Work Rules

Administrative Procedure Memoranda (APMs)
APMs are the rules that guide City Employees at work.
To revise or update a Mayor APM, refer to the Revising APM Standard Operating Procedure
Employee Handbooks
Provides a one-stop reference for the varied benefits offered to City employees.
Labor Contracts
Contracts for Compensation Groups 11, 12, 13, 14, 41 and 42, and IATSE
Madison General Ordinances (MGOs)
Most MGOs pertain to residents, but Chapter 3 defines rules relating to employees, including City departments, leave regulations, bargaining agreements, compensation plans and the Code of Ethics.
Personnel Rules
Define rules for classification, employment, onboarding & deboarding, discipline and more.

Code of Ethics

The Madison Code of Ethics is defined in MGO 3.35. The Code of Ethics establishes guidelines for ethical standards of conduct for City officials and employees. The Attorney's Office has compiled a Simplified Code of Ethics to help explain employee responsibilities and limitations.

Political Activities

During work hours or while on official work business, City employees may not actively or passively campaign for any political candidate or referendum.

For more information about employee conduct during the 2018 spring and fall elections, see the City Attorney's Memo on Elections and Ethics Rules.

External Employment

City employees may not accept employment or provide services that may impair their independence of judgment or action in the performance of official duties.

City employees may not engage in non-City related activities for which compensation is received to such an extent as to interfere with the proper performance of the duties and responsibilities of their position.

Talk to your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Statement of Interests

A Statement of Interest must be filed by non-clerical City employees who, on behalf of the City:

  • Negotiate the sale or acquisition of property or real estate.
  • Oversee economic development projects.
  • Assess or appraise property for tax purposes.
  • Enforce City ordinances or state laws.

Madison police officers are covered by their own departmental policies and are exempt from filing a Statement of Interests.

The Statement of Interests is filed between November and January every year. Employees required to file will be sent an email at the beginning of the filing period.

File a Statement of Interests



It is City policy to provide reasonable workplace accommodations to City employees with disabilities.

Employees may submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form to their immediate supervisor, Department/Division Head, or to the Occupational Accommodations Specialist at benefits@cityofmadison.com.

Employees may also contact the Occupational Accommodations Specialist directly if they have questions, concerns, or are unsure if the City accommodations policy applies to their situation.

See APM 2-22 for more information on the City accommodations policy and process.

Also see Telework Resources for more information on the City accommodation process related to telework.


Workers' Compensation

It is the employee’s responsibility to promptly complete an Employee Injury Report (Word / PDF) if you’ve suffered from a work-related accident or illness. This accident report should be given to your supervisor.

If you receive medical care, it is your responsibility to keep your supervisor informed of your medical status (as it relates to your ability to return to work). Each time you see a medical provider, you must have them complete a Medical Status Report and return it to your supervisor immediately.

It is your responsibility to provide medical documentation for any related time loss so that it may be charged to your workers’ compensation claim. Your supervisor, your Payroll Clerk or the Finance Department should be able to assist or provide any required forms.

More information »

See APM 5-2 for information on what to do immediately after a vehicle accident occurs.

Workplace Harassment

APM 3-5 prohibits harassment in the workplace based on protected class.

If you have been harassed at work, let someone know right away: your supervisor, their supervisor, a department head, or the Department of Civil Rights. ​​​​​​You can contact Civil Rights at 266-4910 or APM3-5Complaints@cityofmadison.com. You may also file a complaint online.

​​​​​If you ever bring harassment or discrimination to the attention of anyone, retaliation is never permitted. If you feel someone is retaliating against you, tell your lead worker, your supervisor, their supervisor, a department head, or the Department of Civil Rights.

Learn more about filing a Harassment or Discrimination Complaint.


Supervisor Resources

Please check out our new and improved Supervisor Resources. These webpages pull together information on hiring, onboarding, employee and labor relations, performance management, and other key topics in one place.

Banner: Supervisor Resources, a new directory of information and tools to support you in your day-to-day management work.


View Supervisor Resources.

Employee Check-In Process

The City’s values are the most important guidance for how we best serve our community and each other. Madison has core expectations of every employee in the areas of Service, Communication, Teamwork, Equity and Inclusion, and Stewardship. The City created this check-in process to help employees and supervisors have a space for communication about performance and related expectations. The process includes a regular meeting between Supervisors and Employees, using an employee check-in tool for guidance. For more information and links, explore the resources below or at the Employee Check-In main page.


Position Descriptions & Classification

The City classification process assigns positions to classifications and salary ranges. The classification specification (class spec) outlines general duties performed and the knowledge, skills, abilities, training requirements, and special qualifications necessary to perform those duties. Each classification is allocated to an appropriate salary range. The class spec may describe a broad range of positions that exist within a classification.

Supervisors or employees may request a position study to reclassify the position if the current classification does not fairly or accurately outline position duties, compensation and/or qualifications.

Each employee should also have a position description which describes the duties of a particular position within the classification. Position descriptions should be written/updated when hiring or when requesting a position study (reclassification) to ensure accuracy. Supervisors are also recommended to review position descriptions annually to be sure they are up to date. Any changes should be reviewed with the employee so the employee always knows what is expected of them.


Workers' Compensation

If an employee is involved in a Vehicle Accident within the City of Madison, the employee's supervisor shall respond to the accident scene. For accidents occurring outside the City of Madison, supervisors need to assess the significance of the accident and injuries to employees and then make a decision on whether to proceed to an accident scene.

Upon arriving at the accident scene, the supervisor shall assemble all facts, arrange for post accident alcohol and/or drugs/controlled substance test when appropriate, and review and sign the Vehicle Accident Report or Incident Report. See APM 5-2 to determine which report is appropriate, and for more information.

Risk Management & Workers' Compensation Forms

Workplace Harassment

Contact the Department of Civil Rights if an employee has been harassed at work.

Prohibited Harassment & Discrimination Forms

Video: Seasonal & Hourly Staff Prohibited Harassment Training

Payroll Clerk Resources

Payroll Forms & Resources

Our Vision & Mission


Our Madison – Inclusive, Innovative, & Thriving


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality service for the common good of our residents and visitors.

Our Service Promise

I have the highest expectations for myself and my fellow employees. Every day, I will:

  • Serve coworkers and members of the public in a kind and friendly manner.
  • Listen actively and communicate clearly.
  • Involve those who are impacted before making decisions.
  • Collaborate with others to learn, improve, and solve problems.
  • Treat everyone as they would like to be treated.