Permit for Driveway Approaches (Class III, IIIa & IV)

Note: This fee will be applied for each new approach, modification or reconstruction of an existing approach, removal or closure of an existing approach, or change of class. (See MGO Section 10.08 for more information.)

  • New Permit: $100.00 per commercial driveway approach
  • Permit Renewal: $50.00 per commercial driveway approach (If work not completed within one (1) year after the permit is issued.)

Conduit Installation Under Driveways

Note: This is a deposit that will be refunded, less the cost of inspection, if the conduit installation is inspected and found to be satisfactory. Traffic Engineering determines if conduit installation or protection is needed.

  Driveway Over 30′ Wide At Sidewalk Driveway 30′ Or Less At Sidewalk
First Conduit $700.00 $600.00
Each Additional Conduit $350.00 $300.00
Protection of Existing Conduit $600.00 $600.00

Impact Fees and/or Special Assessments

The City of Madison may impose an impact fee and/or special assessment to pay for the capital costs to construct certain public facilities that are necessary to accommodate land development. For Traffic Engineering, these facilities include signs, pavement markings, traffic signals, street lighting, intersection improvements, traffic calming, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities.

Deposits for Infrastructure Services and Changes

Deposits may be collected for all costs associated with certain public facilities that are necessary to accommodate land development and any modifications to traffic signals, street lighting, signing and pavement markings, and conduit and handholes, including labor, engineering, and materials.