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Make a small stuffed creature of your own design, using recycled fabric! We’ll start with a few drawing exercises and then move into designing a pattern and sewing. Participants will leave with a completed or nearly completed stuffed animal. If possible, bring a small sewing kit and recycled fabric/old clothing. Please limit fabric to non-stretchy kinds! We’ll also have supplies available. Registration is required for both children participants and their parents/guardians. Ages 7-14, maximum 12 participants
The Artist-in-Residence program, connecting artists to the community and the community to artists, is funded by Scooter Software, Inc.
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Madison Public LibraryMadison Public Libraries, Madison Public LibrariesSaturday, June 16, 2018 - 9:00 am to - 12:00 pm    
Central Library
201 W Mifflin St
Madison, WI
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